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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​3-Year Old Preschool Class

The 3-year old program meets 2 days a week and is designed to provide your child with a positive first school experience.  Socialization skills are stressed through thematic units such as Apples, Farm Animals, All About Me, and Community Helpers.  Developmentally appropriate pre-academic skills are presented throughout the daily curriculum. 

The home-school bond is strengthened with various family-inclusive field trips.  Children participate in weekly Music and Movement activities with Jacob's Ladder staff and our Music Specialist, Mrs. Eve David. 

Children must be at or approaching 3 years old by September 30 and be potty-trained in order to participate in our 3-year program. 

Tuition for the 3-year preschool is $1530 per year.  Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30 AM.

​4-Year Old Preschool Class

The 4-year old program meets 3 days a week and utilizes developmentally appropriate practices to further strengthen pre-academic and readiness skills.  Along with thematic units, our curriculum features a Letter of the Week.  Each day children will participate in letter-specific activities designed to enhance letter recognition and beginning writing skills.  Highlights of the 4-year program include our Literacy Program led by Library Bear and feature a weekly lending library.  Students will also participate in a weekly Music and Movement class with Jacob's Ladder staff and our Music Specialist, Mrs. Eve David.  Children must be 4 years old by September 30 in order to participate in our 4-year program.

Tuition for the 4-year preschool is $1980 per year.  Class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 9:00-11:30, and in the afternoon from 12:15-2:45.

Kinderskills Program

The Kinderskills program is a 3-week, 5 day per week program offered at the end of the school year to those students that will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall.  This program introduces and further builds on a variety of Kindergarten readiness skills in a small group setting.

The Kinderskills curriculum is designed to encourage independent learning.  Our math program will address such skills as number recognition, number values, and beginning addition/subtraction.  Unifix cubes will be utilized to explore measurement and graphing.  Language Arts will address letter recognition, sounds, and formation, beginning blends, word families, and other beginning reading skills.  Additionally, cooking, crafts, music, and games will be included in our Kinderskills curriculum.

Only children currently enrolled in a 4-year old program at Jacob's Ladder will be eligible to participate in Kinderskills.  

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