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Our Philosophy

Erick Erikson's theories provide a helpful framework for understanding children's socio-emotional development.  Erikson defined eight stages of socio-emotional growth from infancy to advanced age.  At each stage, humans confront particular circumstances that must be addressed.  How these situations are handled determines how an individual's personality and character are formed.


During the early childhood years, young children encounter three of the eight stages of socio-emotional growth.  They learn:


  • To trust people outside of the family

  • To gain independence and self-control

  • To take iniative and assert themselves in socially acceptable ways  


At Jacob's Ladder, we nurture positive responses to these three stages.  Children are encouraged to explore not only materials, but also relationships with peers and adults in a safe and nurturing environment.  Children feel important and valued when others listen to them, seek out their ideas, and allow them to express thoughts and feelings.


Our environment at Jacob's Ladder encourages both autonomy and self-control.  Children learn and practice how to express feelings in socially appropriate ways.  They are encouraged to make decisions for themselves, thereby experiencing a sense of control and responsibility.  They learn that their words and actions are important, meaningful, and effective.  It is our goal that your child graduate from Jacob's Ladder as a confident student and eager learner.



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